Making Something Special: Funny Award Ideas to Give

Making Something Special: Funny Award Ideas to Give

Kids love being rewarded for good deeds, good behavior or for a just-because reason. Sometimes, as a parent or as a teacher, you need to have a few funny awards to help encourage your kids—either in the classroom or at home—to perform better but also to show them how much you appreciate their efforts.

By creating funny awards you’ll be bringing a cheerful setting into your home or classroom which will make children work even harder to really earn their next award.

Funny Awards for the Classroom

As a teacher you need to find creative ways to get students to participate and giving funny awards is one great way.  Children, when they receive an award of any sort, feel a sense of accomplishment that helps boost self-esteem and confidence.  Funny awards should be given to all students, too.  This is a great way to help those that don’t feel like they’re accomplishing anything feel better.  Once those students get that feeling that someone is paying attention to them and watching what they do those students that have fallen behind will make incredible changes within the classroom.

Funny Awards at Home

Sadly there are children that feel like parents don’t really pay attention to “insignificant” tasks.  You can show your children you do pay attention to them by creating funny awards.  For example, you could create an award that has to deal with “doing chores daily without being asked” because that’s something many children feel parents never see.  There are plenty of ideas either regarding daily chores or any accomplishments (perhaps your child pulled better grades this semester).

Other Options for Funny Awards

Other areas that have been suggested as a place for funny awards is at events like family reunions, at the end of a season for a sport’s team, at the end of a play, etc.  Anything that a child or person puts effort into doing is an opportunity to present someone with a funny award.  Think creatively and you’ll soon be finding even more occasions to make funny awards for people just because you thought of a new award.

People like to be recognized for accomplishments—whether they’re children or adults.  Creating silly and funny awards is fun for both you and the recipient of such an award.  You’ll both have a special accomplishment.  You’ll feel content when you see the beaming pleasure coming from someone recognized for his/her efforts.  Who knows, you may even get a funny award yourself for being the most creative maker of funny awards.

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